Casualties of Life…

Today I am Indigo blueSweetDreams
Soft, raw, pliable,
In your hands my mate.
I am vapour
I am water
I am seeping thro’ your veins …

Rising with the heat,
Blowing to the north
Falling at your feet again.
Sometimes I smile,
Sometimes I cry,
Sometimes, I’m struck numb by words.

Drumming my fingers,
Speechless, listless, thoughtless
Some twisted memories…
The tight corners of your mouth,
The firmness of your fist,
The white crisp borders of your shirt.

With bent heads we think
Of the sorrows we create
(I am tired of this pain)
It slices my skin,
It chills my bones,
It flashes deep-red,
and so,
You are forgiven for that shove,
Forgetting why it was meant,
And glad to be lesser of the two.

Today I am Indigo blue
Soft, raw, pliable
In your hands my mate
I am autumn
I am winter
I am thatwarmth in your hands.

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