Victim “who”

I was never a victim when I was giving,
I was never a victim when I was purging your crap, 
I was never a victim when I was not taking, asking, not even for what was rightly mine,
I was never a victim when I was quiet or unresponsive to your touch; only a victim to those spiteful word playing  games – that could make me bend, break & shrivel with sadness

Although that sadness my Love was yours, not mine…
And YOU my darling misunderstood my lack of response for weakness! 

I have lve in my heart to keep my soul a tick-tocking

I still don’t know enough about the worldly ways, I fall, I hurt, I cry as I learn to do, to be
I am getting out from under the rock to feel the sun on my skin & since I have promised myself to Live I will do so to the fullest & so I must harmonize with the “Laws of the Jungle” as well as stay tuned in with the “Laws of the Love”


So now you’re trying to redeem yourself for all those years; years of arrogance; pretending now to be “The Victim” instead. You’ll always win of course & I will let you, sweetheart, it’s just easier that way for me! But now your honey sweet words are meaningless as you hold big banners to make loud announcements about yourself …

QUOTE “I’m helping you more than ever by bending over backward” 

Oh no sweet love, it doesn’t work anymore, nor does it erase the past 
You must live with what you did...